5 nail treatments perfect for Christmas

They say that one can tell a lot about a person simply by looking at their hands. While most of the care is usually reserved for the face, hands too also need as much attention. Unfortunately, many of us have less time to properly take care of our hands. Leaving nails unattended can cause them to be weak and brittle. This is why it is important to consider nail treatment options to protect, repair, and rebuild them. Fortunately, Christmas is just around the corner and one of the best Christmas beauty gift ideas is to have a spa manicure at K West Hotel & Spa. Here are some of the 5 nail treatments perfect during this Christmas period.

a) American Manicure

This type of nail treatment option involves shaping nails so they match each fingertip. The result of this manicure is a natural rounded look. The nails are polished with a cream colour for the base, and a less stark white for the tip.

b) French manicure

This manicure treatment option involves painting nails in two colours; one for the tip, and one for the base. A traditional manicure involves polishing the nail in pink and white, but modern trends have seen variations in the choice of colours used.

c) File and Polish

This nail treatment option gives the customer the choice of having their fingers filed to their preferred shape. The customer will also choose a colour for the polish.

d) Gel Polish manicure

After all the basics of manicure are performed, a special polish using an Ultra Violet (UV) light will be applied to the nails. An advantage of this nail treatment option is that it is less prone to chipping, and also lasts longer when compared to the usual nail polish.

e) Acrylic Manicure

This treatment option combines powder polymer and liquid monomer to create a protective and transparent layer over your nails.

While there are many choices when it comes to choosing a nail treatment option, you will need to take into consideration some factor. For example, you may want to consider how long it last, what care it will need, cost, or how easy is to remove among others. This will help you choose an option that is suitable for your lifestyle.

The History of Pak Khlong Talat Market, Bangkok

The History of Pak Khlong Talat Market, Bangkok is more of a wholesale market and has become a tourist attraction because of its sheer size, exoticism and beauty. All the flowers at the spirit houses and temples in Bangkok come from this market.

Pak Khlong Talat Market History

During the reign of Phra Phutthayotfa Chulalok (Rama I), Pak Khlong Talat Market was turned into a fish market. This fish market was eventually turned into today’s produce market. The market has existed form more than six decades. The focus of this market has shifted to flowers and the Talat Thai market on Bangkok’s outskirts is now a more attractive place to produce wholesaling.

Holidaymakers who are looking for a fragrant, multicoloured, and romantic side of Bangkok can plan a trip to this renowned flower market. This market is the largest wholesale flower market in Thailand and is open 24/7. Here is a site with more information about Pak Khlong Talat Market, Bangkok: https://anywayinaway.com/pak-khlong-talat-flower-market-bangkok/

Local Thai Flowers – Get Roses,Orchids, Gerbera, Jasmine and Chrysanthemum

The market accommodates both wholesalers and consumers. Most of the flowers found in this market are delivered from Samut Songkhram, Samut Sakhon and Nakhon Pathom Provinces, but flowers that need cooler growing temperatures can come from Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai. The produce selection of the market is extensive, and it’s delivered from across Thailand.

While an amazing selection of affordable fresh flowers is the main draw of Pak Khlong Talat Market, visitors can also buy local herbs and spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, flower arrangement baskets and hand-made garlands from many shops in the market.

Phuang Malai

This ancient Thai art entails threading a needle through small buds repeatedly until something fit to be given to a god has been created. Skilled Thai artisans make the Phuang Malai garlands for everyone to see, which makes it one of Bangkok’s best places to go and witness this interesting form of flower arrangement.

Visitors planning to get married in Bangkok can come to Pak Khlong Talat Market for beautiful flowers. The perfect venue to host an intimate wedding is Lancaster Bangkok; a Lancaster Bangkok wedding features exceptional food and drinks, elegant space and beautiful accommodation.

The origins of the fixed price menu (Table d’hôte)

These days with food there are so many choices to make. If you’re eating out, it becomes a bit of a mission to decide what you want to eat.

Many people love the idea of a fixed menu – having chefs determine the course of your meal as opposed to you having to make difficult choices. Fixed-price menus is all about fuss-free eating. The very word Prix Fixe menu however, already causes concern for some people because they assume the food is going to be exotic, unfamiliar and expensive.

Prix Fixe menus from France

Fixed priced menus or Prixe fixe menus originated in France from chef Georges Escoffier. This Frenchman was forn in 1846 already and become a chef at the Grand Hotel in Monte Carlo. He developed the first prix fixe menu. These set menus are still hugely popular today, but with so many people having dietary restrictions, it is common to see gluten-free meals on the menu too.

There’s Never Guesswork with Prices

Sometimes a fixed-price menu doesn’t offer that much choice, but you know precisely what you’re going to pay. For many people, they love that eating from a set menu is less expensive than eating a la carte. With a la carte, you can never be sure of the bill you’ll be presented with. For weddings and birthdays for instance, a fixed price menu keeps costs down for the host.

Table d’hôte is just another name for a fixed price menu, and it is essentially multi-course meals but with just a few choices. If you hear the word set menu or set meal, it’s the same thing as a fixed price menu.

The Best Flavours on Set Menus

You’ll often find these set menus at upscale hotels or restaurants. Look at the Royal Lancaster London – you’ll find that for all those special dates – Mother’s Day, Christmas day, or Valentine’s day, for instance, there’s a set menu. You can bet with such a wonderful hotel it will be all about tasty sensations. Whenever there is going to be a large crowd, these fixed menus are popular. The menu could be made up of a soup, an appetizer, a salad, a main course, dessert, coffee.

The fixed price menu may have originated in France but it’s a menu used all over the world now. Chefs whose skills are well suited to prix fixe menus know precisely how to pair crowd-pleasing dishes with sparkling wines.