Hayfever, also known as nasal allergies, summer allergies or allergic rhinitis, is a condition that causes inflammation or irritation of the nose. It can be perennial, occupational or seasonal. Its symptoms include:


Runny nose


Itchy nose

Nasal congestion

Postnasal drip

Red, watery or itchy eyes

Itchy throat or roof of the mouth

Itchy skin

Sinus pressure and pain

If the symptoms are not treated, they may be long-term.

What causes hayfever allergies?

After you get exposed to allergens, thus when hayfever symptoms begin. Some of the common allergens that cause hayfever include:



Dust mites



Pet fur or dander

What happens when your symptoms worsen?

Other irritants can make your hayfever symptoms worsen. Your nose is made more sensitive to irritants due to the inflammation in the lining of the nose caused by hayfever. Such irritants include:

Air pollution


Wood smoke

Tobacco smoke

Irritating fumes

Change in humidity

Change in temperature

Aerosol sprays

Strong odors

When are expected to see a doctor?

The risks of hayfever are not immediately dangerous. If the over-the-counter medications are not responding, you need to contact your doctor. In case the following occurs, you need to see a specialist.

OTC allergy medications are not helping

You have bothersome symptoms and last more than a week

If you have other conditions such as asthma

Symptoms severing

All round the year fever


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