A steakhouse is a restaurant specializing in chops and steaks. Modern steakhouses carry seafood and other cuts of meat such as veal, roast prime rib and poultry. Steakhouses can be formal or casual fine dining restaurants.

History of the Steakhouse – learn how the steakhouse came into existence

Steakhouses began in London, England in the 1690s. They served people portions of meat called chops. Despite the new cooking techniques from the Continent that were becoming fashionable, the traditional essence of the food served was maintained through the nineteenth century. The houses were often open for men. In the United States, the steakhouse started in the mid-nineteenth century as a development from conventional bars and ins.

Simpson’s Tavern, which is the oldest steakhouse in London, is considered as an institution of the British Capital and retains its nineteenth-century decor. Established in 1868 and located in New York City, the Old Homestead Steakhouse is the oldest continuously running steakhouse in the U.S. Before that, there were steakhouses in NYC, such as Cobweb Hall, that were known for their mutton chops. They also offered additional menu options, including potatoes, bacon,

lamb kidneys and beefsteaks.

A memorable experience – guests get to have an exhilarating experience

Good steakhouses such as the Rib Room & Bar Steakhouse at Landmark Bangkok strive to offer their guests the best experience. Great hospitality is regarded as an extension of top-notch service because it makes guests feel special and welcome. When people go to a steakhouse, they can enjoy a great ambience, quality food and professional service that make the dinner fun and memorable.

Variety menu options – enjoy different food recipes

Steakhouses always have something new and delicious on the menu. They serve quality food made by professional chefs who have years of experience preparing different types of recipes. A wide range of foods on the menu ensures that everyone will find something to eat. That means guests can choose from different types of steaks when they go to a steakhouse. Here is a website with some of the popular steak cuts served in steakhouses: https://beef2live.com/story-popular-steak-cuts-served-restaurants-0-104005

Visitors who are looking for a high-end steakhouse in Bangkok should head over to the Landmark Bangkok. The Rib Room & Bar steakhouse at this all-round impressive hotel specialises in steaks such as rib-eye, Wagyu and Argentinian.

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